Why Us?

If you want the best quote possible as fast as possible, choose us when you want to sell your laptop. In just four simple steps you can get from quote to cash for your laptop. We offer free packing and will arrange a courier to come and pick up your laptop. All you need to do is fill out a simple online form and wait for the cash to roll in!

Is my personal data protected?

Yes! When you send us your laptop, we immediately wipe any personal data stored on it using the Ministry of Defence standard process. Selling your laptop online has never been so secure – and you can be sure that we will erase any sensitive information that you might have inadvertently left on your laptop.

Business Customers

We can help you get the best price possible for business laptops, whether it is just one, or you have multiple laptops to sell. Just give us a call so we can ask a few questions about the type of laptops you have, and we will get back to you with a quote in just 30 minutes!
Sell Your Laptop

Sell your laptop quickly and easily online today with us. Not only do we offer free post and packing, we offer the best prices possible, so you know that when you sell your laptop to us, you can be sure that you going to receive an unbeatable cash payment. And if you do find a better price elsewhere, let us know and we will match it – promise! Another great feature of our service is that all your data is cleared from your laptop as soon as it arrives – to military standards! Yes, we use the same process as the Ministry of Defence to wipe all personal data from any laptop we receive, so you can rest assured that when you sell your laptop, you are not inadvertently selling your personal information too!

Cash For Laptops

You can get cash for laptops through pawn brokers, selling in an online auction or even a private sale, but you risk being conned out of cash, getting a bad deal, and even inadvertently leaving private data somewhere on your hard drive for others to find. Get cash for laptops safely and securely with us in just four easy steps. 1. Get a quote. 2. Securely package your laptop. 3. Hand it over to the courier using our free shipping label. 4. Watch the cash for your laptops roll in within 7 working days of us inspecting your laptop.

Sell My Laptop

We offer one of the fastest ‘sell my laptop’ services available online. The time between requesting an instant online quote to receiving money in the bank, a PayPal payment or a cheque in the post can be just a matter of days. We may even be able to offer you cash for laptops which are broken, simply fill out our online form and get a quote. Next time you think to yourself ‘it is time to sell my laptop’ – think of us, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook so your friends can bag a great deal on their unwanted laptops too!